Thursday, April 14, 2011

7 months already?!?!

My little Tanner is 7 months old today. I can't believe he is already that old. He is such a precious addition to our family. I thought that today, I would write about some of my favorite things about my baby boy!

1) He has HUGE blue eyes. Total strangers come up all the time and mention something about Tanner's eyes. A lady in Target one day said "My goodness, he looks mighty alert"! I love how big they get when he is excited!

2) Tanner has the sweetest little smile. His cheeks are nice and plump(like any baby's should be, right?). When he smiles, those chunky cheeks are so cute. He has the two teeth on the bottom that have come in, and they pop right out at ya. I love that smile!

3) The way he looks like he is going to fly away when he is excited. When Tanner gets excited, he flaps his arms like he is going to take flight. His little hands go to work, making motions like he is trying to grab something. It is so funny. He knows how to get his way already.

4) The boy loves to eat. This is just one of the times that you can count on him doing the "flying" thing. If he sees us getting his food ready, he is so excited, he can hardly sit still. The excitement dies down a little if the food he is eating is green beans, but you can count on the fact that he won't go hungry!

5) He loves his brother. Tanner reaches out for Case, like he can't wait to get his hands on him. He always smiles when Case is around, and loves it when Case hugs on him. We always joke that Tanner might be as big, if not bigger, than Case after a Case better not pick on him too much! In the end though, I know that my boys will be best friends.

6) He puts up with his brother. Case is so loud and crazy right now. He is at the age where he is in to everything, and loves to run around and see how loud he can be. Tanner never is bothered by it. He just sits and watches. I realize this probably means that he is learning from Case, and will probably one day be exactly the same. That's ok, though. I love that they are all boy, and love that I can be their mom!

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