Sunday, February 20, 2011

Inquisitive Minds Want to Know

If you have a child that has gone through the toddler years yet, you know that you answer questions ALL DAY, EVERYDAY! A lot of those are the same question over and over. I am not complaining for a second. For a long time, I felt like Case had a pretty good vocabulary for his age, but just couldn't put the words together to make sense. Now, he cracks me up with how he can put words together, and repeats them over and over when he realizes they make sense to me. This is a conversation we've had at LEAST 25 times today:

Case: "Where'd Daddy go?"
Me: "He is in Mama and Daddy's room, cleaning up"
Case: "Oh, Daddy's cleaning?"
Me: "Yes"
Case: "Where'd Tanner go?"
Me: "He's sleeping in his crib"
Case: "Oh, Tanner, nap?"
Me: "Yes"

The exact same conversation then immediately starts over. I've determined that he is so excited that I understand what he is saying, that he wants to say it again and again. I figure it will probably build his confidence more if I give him a serious answer each time, so that he knows he's getting his point across. It's so hard not to laugh, though!

Case has also realized he can get Tanner's attention by getting in his face and saying "Yoo Hoo, Tanner". Matt and I absolutely lose it when he does it. So, of course, now he realizes he'll get a laugh out of doing that, and does it all the time. It's funny how he learns something new and gets stuck on it. He says "Bible" when he wants to sing the song "Jesus Loves Me". So, we can be in the car and he just says "Bible" over and over, and we sing the same song over and over. Hey, he's learning, right??:) I absolutely love this age, even if it has the potential to grow many gray hairs!!!

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