Sunday, January 23, 2011

I'm new at this

I finally gave in. I have been thinking about starting a blog for a long time, and here I am. I have to give credit to my sister-in-law, Lauren. She mentioned at Christmas time, that this would be a nice way to keep friends and family updated on my boys' lives. So much happens every single day with them!! Most of the time, though, I feel like I don't have enough to say to actually type it all out. We will see how it goes! It's worth a shot, right?

I should explain the reason for my title, in case you haven't already read my "about me" section. My older son, Case, calls me "Ma". It is so funny. We have taught him to call us "Mama" and "Daddy", but when addressing me, it definitely comes out "Ma". When other people hear him, it seems to always catch them off guard. I guess you don't hear many people refer to their mothers like that these days! Ha!

My hope, is that through this blog, you will not only see updates of sweet Ray boys, but also see that my priority as a mom is to teach them to walk with the Lord. Just today, I was reading Proverbs 31, and thinking how far I have to go to be that woman. How awesome, though, that God sent His Son to die on a cross, so that I have a chance to strive for it!! I am so blessed. I want more than anything, for my boys to grow up, knowing what their "Ma" walks with Him everyday. My prayer is that they will do the same!

Well, thank you for reading so far! I am going to try to be good about this, and update as much as possible.


  1. Kerri! I'm so glad you started a blog. I really enjoy blogging. It is so fun to look back and see what my kiddos were doing a few months back. It's also a great way to keep in touch. Hope y'all are doing well. :)
    Love, Kathy

  2. Great idea, Kerri! Ought to be fun. :)